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We Bring the Sizzle

It’s time to ditch the conference room confessional. Eliminate panning shots of your office building. Drop the b-roll of employees on laptops.

We take our cues from Hollywood.

We’ve eradicated the ‘boring’ in-company videos by marrying a modern, cinematic aesthetic with persuasive narratives that put the soul back in your company’s story.

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Kraig Kleeman

Executive Producer

“It’s time for companies and businesses to embrace the same magic that Hollywood has brought to our culture. We express a company’s soul, its fire, its ethos with video documentaries.”

of businesses use video marketing
minutes of video per second crossing the internet by 2020
of marketers think video is the hardest content to create

Our Approach Rocks

Dramatic, edgy, action-packed, vivid… we create corporate documentaries that cinematically convey the soul of your company. Our expertise at developing powerful narratives using precise, persuasive language and marrying it with flashy, fun filmography showcases each company authentically.

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Brands Who Trust Kraig Kleeman

Passionate Expertise

Our executive producer, Kraig Kleeman, is a top-selling author, speaker, sales trainer, and hyper-creative director who knows how to persuade audiences visually and verbally. Kraig is a passionate expert who understands the power of video marketing and believes ALL brands need to tell their stories cinematically.

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Kraig on the power of video

Kraig on video marketing

“Kraig is the most fresh, bold, and creative mind out there. His approach is vital to any organization that’s serious about unlocking the power of video to connect with audiences. Nobody needs to watch another boring corporate recruitment video. Kraig’s videos excite, entertain, and generate curiosity about ScaleX.”

Chad Burmeister, CEO, ScaleX

Kraig’s Latest Video Blog

Kraig drops daily knowledge on how to go into creative overdrive with your videos and reveals why video marketing is a must-have strategy for your business.


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